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10 Ways to Increase Guest Engagement at an Event

Increasing guest engagement at events can significantly enhance the overall experience and ensure that attendees feel involved and valued. Here are some effective strategies to boost engagement:

Interactive Sessions and Workshops:

  • Q&A Sessions: Incorporate interactive Q&A segments where attendees can ask questions in real-time.

  • Workshops: Host hands-on workshops that encourage participation and practical learning.

  • Live Polling: Use live polling tools to get instant feedback and make attendees feel involved in the decision-making process.

Add Games:

  • Challenges and Competitions: Create fun challenges or competitions with rewards or recognition.

  • Scavenger Hunts: Organize a scavenger hunt related to the event's theme or content.

  • Leaderboards: Use leaderboards to track and display participants’ progress in various activities. The retractable screen that comes with your Legacy Center booking is perfect for displaying a Leaderboard and other fun ,engaging activities during your event.

Networking Opportunities:

  • Icebreaker Activities: Implement icebreaker activities to help guests get to know each other.

  • Networking Sessions: Schedule dedicated networking sessions or lounges where attendees can mingle.

  • Matchmaking Apps: Utilize event apps that match attendees based on their interests and goals.

Technology Integration:

  • Event Apps: Develop a custom event app that includes schedules, maps, networking features, and interactive content.

  • Augmented Reality (AR): Use AR to create immersive experiences related to the event's theme.

  • Virtual Reality (VR): Offer VR experiences to engage guests in a unique and memorable way.

  • Social Media Filters: Create an event-specific themed filter that guests at the location can use when they post to their social media profiles.


  • Custom Agendas: Allow attendees to personalize their agendas based on their interests.

  • Personalized Content: Send personalized content and recommendations before, during, and after the event.

Engaging Content:

  • Dynamic Presentations: Use multimedia, such as videos and animations, to make presentations more engaging.

  • Storytelling: Incorporate storytelling to make sessions more relatable and compelling.

  • Interactive Displays: Set up interactive displays or demos where attendees can try out products or services.

Social Media Integration:

  • Live Social Media Feeds: Display live social media feeds and encourage attendees to share their experiences using a specific hashtag.

  • Contests: Run social media contests to reward guests for sharing and engagement.

  • Photo Booths: Set up photo booths with props related to the event and encourage guests to post their photos online. The Legacy Center offers a 360 Photo Booth add-on, inquire about adding it to your next event!

Exclusive Experiences:

  • VIP Areas: Create exclusive areas or sessions for VIP guests to make them feel special.

  • Behind-the-Scenes Tours: Offer behind-the-scenes tours or exclusive previews of new products or services.

Follow-Up Engagement:

  • Surveys and Feedback: Send post-event surveys to gather feedback and show that you value attendees' opinions.

  • Content Sharing: Share event highlights, recordings, and additional resources with attendees after the event.

  • Community Building: Foster an online community where attendees can continue discussions and networking post-event.

Comfort and Convenience:

  • Food and Drink Stations: Provide easily accessible and varied food and drink options.

  • Rest Areas: Create comfortable rest areas where attendees can take a break and relax.

  • Clear Signage: Ensure that there is clear signage to help guests navigate the event space effortlessly.

By implementing these strategies, you can create a more engaging and memorable event experience for your guests. If you're looking for somewhere to host an event in the Raleigh, NC area be sure to schedule your free tour with us today!

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