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Helping Hands

Legacy CARES: A Story of Philanthropy

What is Legacy CARES? 

Legacy Cares is a faith-based charity with a vision to enhance the Raleigh, North Carolina community by

channeling generosity toward local needs. Our mission based in scripture in Hebrews 10:8 which says

that freely we have received, and admonishes us to freely give. As such our mission is to educate and empower

people. We also endeavor to lift Jesus through being faith filled and faithful to help meet the needs of

our community thru various outreach, social and cultural initiatives throughout the year.


Legacy Cares is a product of the Jones family, who had a desire to help those in need and spread the gospel

of Jesus Christ in 2011. The Other Side Christian Center ministry was birthed and served the Raleigh

community until 2020. Though the ministry closed their doors in 2020 during the height of the COVID

epidemic, the spirit of community evolved into the philanthropic arm of the families Legacy brand.

Legacy CARES is sponsoring the event of the season. This fall, in honor of women everywhere who have battled with and survived Breast Cancer, those who are currently in the fight, and those who lost their lives or loved ones to the fight...the Legacy Center will be hosting The Pink Out Day Party. We are celebrating Pink October the Barbie way. An ode to womanhood, fierceness, and surviving! 

Click the link below to learn more about the event.

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