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In October...
We Wear Pink.

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What Breast Cancer Awareness Month Means for Us

At Legacy, we are not just a family business, we are a family that has been touched by breast cancer. We know firsthand how important it is to spread awareness about early detection and the importance of women's health. We make it our mission to educate as many people as possible and in the past, have featured in local and national news programs, guest-starred on talk shows, and written books. We're passionate about making a difference, and our work has been recognized everywhere. Join us in supporting this important cause at The Pink Out Day Party on October 15th!

More About Breast Cancer

At Legacy, we believe that knowledge is power. There is currently no cure for breast cancer, but advances in research and treatment have significantly improved the outcomes for those diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer affects millions of people globally, and affects women disproportionately. Mammograms and check ups are important in detecting breast cancer early. It is estimated that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, and early detection remains the most important factor in survival rates.


In addition to early detection and treatment, prevention is key to reducing the incidence of breast cancer. Eating a healthy diet, regular exercise, limiting alcohol consumption, and avoiding smoking are all factors that can reduce your risk of developing breast cancer. We remain committed to promoting awareness about breast cancer and supporting those affected by this disease.

Breast cancer is a topic that hits very close to home for us at Legacy. As a family-owned business, we understand the vital importance of women's health and strive to help fight against breast cancer. We want to do our part to change the course of the statistics. Join us in supporting breast cancer awareness, by attending The Pink Out Day Party on October 15th!


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