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10 Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Need inspiration when it comes to planning an exhilarating gender reveal party for your family and friends? Well, here's some popular themes and gender reveal party ideas that are sure to give you and your guests a memorable experience to celebrate your bundle of joy!

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Gender reveals have become popular in recent years. Think of it as a "pre-baby shower" celebration. Will the baby be a boy or girl?! Find out with 10 gender reveal party ideas that you can bring to life at our multi-purpose event venue. Our exclusive vendor list is at your disposal to help your event turn out amazing! Once you find inspiration, contact us today to schedule a tour of our facility!

Theme #1 - Team Pink vs Team Blue Gender Reveal

Divide the party into two teams, one representing "Team Pink" and the other "Team Blue." Guests can dress in their chosen team's color, and the gender reveal will determine the winning team. Also plan some games and activities for both teams to compete in to make your party extra exciting!

Theme #2 - Prince or Princess Gender Reveal

Create a royal-themed gender reveal party, with decorations featuring crowns, tiaras, and regal colors like gold and silver.

The Legacy Center Raleigh provides the perfect black canvas to make your dream bridal shower come to life! Schedule a free tour and book your event with us today.

Theme #3 - What Will It Bee? Gender Reveal

Use a bee theme, with decorations featuring honeycombs, bees, and yellow and black color schemes.

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Theme #4 -Touchdowns or Tutus Gender Reveal

For a sports-themed gender reveal, use football or ballet-related decorations and ask guests to predict whether it will be a boy or girl.

Theme #5 - Little Man or Little Miss Gender Reveal

Incorporate mustaches and bowties for a "Little Man" theme or bows and pearls for a "Little Miss" theme.

Theme #6 - Wheels or Heels Gender Reveal

Use a transportation theme, with decorations featuring toy cars and bicycles alongside high heels and baby shoes.

Theme #7 - Team Boots vs Team Bows Gender Reveal

Create a Western-themed gender reveal party, with cowboy boots and bows as the main elements.

Theme #8 - Superhero Showdown Gender Reveal

Combine a superhero theme with a gender reveal by incorporating decorations and attire inspired by popular superheroes.

Theme #9 - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Gender Reveal

Use a celestial theme with stars, moons, and clouds as decorations, emphasizing the idea of a shining star about to join the family.

Theme #10 - Paint Splatter Gender Reveal

Have guests participate in a paint splatter activity, throwing pink or blue paint on a canvas or white fabric to reveal the baby's gender.

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Remember, gender reveal parties should prioritize safety and avoid any potentially harmful activities. Always consult with the parents-to-be and ensure the theme and activities align with their preferences.


Throw an amazing gender reveal party. Book a venue like The Legacy Center for your event. Private areas, clean bathrooms, & a blank canvas ready for whatever theme you choose.


We hope that these ideas help with planning! Click Here to inquire about our event venue for your next party. Schedule your tour today and cross this task off of your to-do list! We can't wait to meet you.


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