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15 Kids Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Need inspiration when it comes to planning your little one's birthday party? Well, we love great parties so here are 15 birthday party themes that are sure to give your kiddos a memorable experience with friends!

different kids birthday party themes

There are many fun and exciting birthday party theme ideas for kids. Remember, the most important aspect of a kids' birthday party is creating a joyful and celebratory atmosphere where the child and their guests can have a great time together. Here are 15 ideas for you to bring to life at our multi-purpose event venue. Once you find inspiration, contact us today to schedule a tour of our facility!

Theme #1 - Superhero Kids Party

Let kids dress up as their favorite superheroes and decorate the venue with superhero-themed decorations.

Theme #2 - Princesses and Fairies Party

Create a magical atmosphere with princess or fairy-themed decorations, costumes, and activities.

The Legacy Center Raleigh provides the perfect black canvas to make your kids wildest birthday fantasies come to life! Schedule a free tour and book your event with us today.

Theme #3 - Pirates Party

Transform the party space into a pirate ship and have a treasure hunt or pirate-themed games.

lego pirate toy for kids party

Theme #4 - Sports Party

Choose a specific sport like soccer, basketball, or baseball and organize games and activities related to that sport. Don't forget all of the possibilities with decorations whether it be centered around a particular favorite team or a sport in general.

Theme #5 - Animals Party

Have a kids party centered around a particular animal, such as a jungle theme, farm animals, or ocean creatures. Face painting is an absolute must at this type of party!

Theme #6 - Space Party

Take kids on an intergalactic adventure with space-themed decorations, rocket ship crafts, and starry snacks.

Theme #7 - Under the Sea Kids Party

Create an underwater wonderland with ocean-themed decorations, mermaid or fish costumes, and water-based activities.

Theme #8 - Carnival Themed Party

Set up carnival-style games and activities like ring toss, face painting, and a popcorn or cotton candy machine.

Theme #9 - Outer Space Party

Explore the wonders of the universe with an outer space-themed party, complete with planet decorations, astronaut costumes, and space-themed activities. Much like the Space theme already mentioned, but more centered around the different planets!

Theme #10 - Art Party

Let kids unleash their creativity with an art-themed party, including painting, drawing, and craft activities.

Theme #11 - Lego Party

Set up building stations with lots of Lego bricks and challenge the kids to build their own creations.

kids superhero lego party

Theme #12 - Safari Adventure Party

Transform the party area into a wild safari with animal print decorations, binoculars, and animal-themed games.

Theme #13 - Dinosaurs Party

Take kids on a journey to the prehistoric era with dinosaur-themed decorations, costumes, and dinosaur fossil excavation activities.

Theme #14 - Circus Themed Party

Create a circus atmosphere with circus-themed decorations, face painting, and activities like juggling or a mini circus show.

Theme #15 - Spa Party

Host an elegant spa party with fancy facials, dress-up clothes and robes, mani/pedis and small sandwiches and treats.

girls spa birthday party theme


Imagine throwing a successful kids birthday party and going back home to a clean house! This is the #1 reason why we recommend booking a location outside of your home for your little one's party. You won't regret it!


We hope that these ideas help with planning! Click Here to inquire about our event venue for your next party. Schedule your tour today and cross this task off of your to-do list! We can't wait to meet you.


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